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This is a guide for Magento 2. For Magento 1 extensions and guides, please refer to Magento 1 Guides.




Let's be honest. Magento's order status system is very limited out of the box, and especially not very transparent for your customers. Fix this using the Advanced Order Status extension by XTENTO and make your order processing more transparent for your customers, and for you, the store admin.

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Setting up the extension


Please refer to our general Extension Installation and Setup Guide for installation instructions.

After installing the extension as instructed in our general installation guide, please go to System > XTENTO > Advanced Order Status. Please enter your license key there and set Module Enabled to "Yes".


Email Notifications

Email notifications can be sent to your customers whenever the status changes to the configured status by you in the backend. Setting up email notifications is easy.

  1. Go to Marketing > Email Templates
  2. Set up a new email template there by clicking Add New Template
  3. From Load default template, select "Advanced Order Status - Notification" and press "Load".
  4. Now, if required, you can adjust the email template. Give it a name, and save it.
  5. Go to Stores > Settings > Order Statuses
  6. Click on the status name you want to assign the email template to.
  7. In the Order Status Notifications tab, select the template you want to send for each store view when the order status changes to this status.
  8. Save the status.

The extension supports different email templates for each status as well for each store view. Simply set up multiple email templates as instructed above.

Sending email notifications to the store owner in copy

To receive a copy of the emails sent to customers, please go to System > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails > Order Comments and enter your email address in the Send Order Comment Email Copy To field.

Assigning colors to order statuses

Want to assign specific colors to each of your order statuses? Simply go to Stores > Settings > Order Statuses, open the order status and select whatever color you want using the color picker.

Using the extension

Changing the order status

To change the order status of one or many orders in bulk, go to Sales > Orders and pick the orders you want to modify. Then, from the very top right "Actions" dropdown, select "Change order status", select the order status you want to set, and press "Submit". That's it. If any notifications have been configured for this status, they will be dispatched now.

Sending email notifications

Sending email notifications is as simple as changing the order status for an order.



No emails are sent

Mass actions don't show up

The issue is caused by the "PDFInvoicePlus" extension you have installed. It rewrites the UI Massaction class and *no* other extension will be able to add mass actions properly to the Sales > Orders grid if this extension is installed. So this is not a problem in our extension, but in their extension. Not only our extension can't add mass actions via code right now, but also no other third party extensions. We would suggest contacting them and asking them to fix this - they should add their mass actions properly using a plugin or xml but not via a "preference" (rewrite).

Cannot assign notification template to order status

If you have installed the Igorludgero_Colorstatus module, it's caused by this. They rewrite the order status form via a "preference" and not properly, as supposed in Magento 2, via a plugin, and thus we cannot add our form there.

Uncaught Error: Call to a member function formatPrice() on null

Getting this error or a similar error in the checkout? This means you assigned a broken email template to one of your statuses.

You cannot use item blocks in email templates that are triggered by our extension, specifically not for statuses that are set in the checkout.

For each of your email templates you assigned to your order statuses, open them and check and make sure no item stuff is output there. Use the sample template that comes with our extension out of the box as a sample - no item information can be output as can be seen in the sample template!

A possible solution is described here, however, requires customizations in our module.

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