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This is a guide for Magento 1. For Magento 2 extensions and guides, please refer to Magento 2 Guides.




Allow your customers to select a delivery date, enter a comment and even choose the delivery time in the checkout. Flexible and easy to use, this extension will improve your customers checkout experience tremendously

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Setting up the extension

After installing the extension as described in the above link, the extensions configuration section is located at System > XTENTO > Delivery Date. Make sure to enable the module there.

You will also configure the extensions settings there. For example, when delivery is possible, whether comment can be entered, etc.

All settings can be made on "store view" level, meaning, differently for different store views.

If you're just looking to see the settings before your purchase, head over to our demo environment. (


Custom Checkouts

If you're using a custom checkout module for Magento, the module may need to be customized. We can't support each and every custom checkout module out of the box.

Most likely you will just need to change the controller name in \app\code\local\Xtento\DeliveryDate\etc\config.xml:

Look for: checkout_controller_onepage_save_shipping_method

Replace with the corresponding controller name event dispatched for your checkout module, for the controller/action where the "delivery_date" field is POSTed.

Then flush the Magento cache.

Where is the delivery date/comment stored?

Data is stored in the "sales_flat_order" table of Magento, meaning, no special code is required to extract it and it's also available via the API.

You will need to load the $order, then you can do:

$order->getData('xtento_delivery_date') // Delivery Date
$order->getData('xtento_delivery_note') // Delivery Comment
Mage::getModel('xtento_deliverydate/timeinterval')->getDeliveryTime($order->getData('xtento_delivery_time_interval_id')); // Time slot

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