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This is a guide for Magento 2. This extension is a Magento 2 only extension, we don't offer a version for Magento 1 at this point.

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Take full control over email sending settings in Magento 2! Easily configure your SMTP settings in Magento 2, including ready-to-use settings for more than 27 providers, as well as the ability to debug email delivery issues and make sure emails are sent properly using the extensions built-in email log.

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Setting up the extension

The extensions configuration section is located at System > XTENTO > Custom SMTP. Make sure to enable the module there.

Then, either use one of the ready-to-use settings templates, or simply enter the SMTP details of your provider including username/password there. Then, scroll to the bottom and use the "Test" section to send a test email to yourself, to verify the settings. Then, save the configuration.

E-Mails will now be sent using the Custom SMTP extension.

Using the extension

If logging has been enabled in the modules configuration, simply go to Reports > E-Mail Log to check/look up any sent email.


OpenSSL Error messages: error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed

This is a problem with your PHP configuration. See here for the solution:

You will need to download the CA file and place it in the directory they state. Then add it to the php.ini file (you can find the "active" php.ini file using phpinfo()), then restart your webserver.

Make sure to properly set permissions as well, the /usr/ssl/certs/cacert.pem file should have chmod 755.

"Undefined / Timeout" while testing configuration

If you get a popup saying "Undefined / Timeout" when trying to test your SMTP configuration, there are two possibel reasons:

1) Your server is behind a firewall. Your server cannot connect to the SMTP server and the connection times out. Contact your web hoster. You can verify it like this: cat < /dev/tcp/
cat < /dev/tcp/
cat < /dev/tcp/
You should see some kind of response and no timeout.

2) This is probably caused by you having installed two SMTP extensions in your store. Make sure to remove any other SMTP extensions from third party vendors from your Magento installation, it doesn't make sense to have more than one SMTP extension in a Magento installation. For example, make sure to remove the MagePal_GmailSmtpApp extension.

"Client was not authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM"

1) Double check the username and password. For example, Office 365 sometimes require the User ID including the domain name to be used, and not the actual email ID.
2) Enable "Override From" and make sure to use the email address that is allowed to send emails (same as login usually)

If this doesn't help: This is not an issue in our extension but rather the settings / your email provider. Consult with your email provider.

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